Belnick, LLC, is excited to announce the company has changed its name to Ubique Group effective immediately.


Ubique Group’s CEO, Joseph Rainone, commented, “The corporate name change reflects the evolution of our culture, organization and business over the past several years.  The Ubique Group represents our team of talented and passionate associates who endeavor every day to create the future direction of our company.”


The word “ubique” stems from “ubiquitous” and translates from Latin to “everywhere.” Mary Harden, Vice President of Marketing explained that the name reflects the company’s growing reach within the furniture and home goods marketplace while also embracing a name that is unique and easily distinguishable.  After more than 20 years in the furniture and furnishings industry, Ubique Group has evolved to provide products and services well beyond its initial offering of office chairs.  Ubique Group now houses over a dozen brands and its products are sold worldwide to both commercial and residential customers.  Popular brands include the Flash Furniture® and Merrick Lane® brands which offer a catalog of stylish, high-quality items at affordable prices.


Joseph commented, “As Ubique Group looks to the future, innovation and customer-focus will continue to drive our business to deliver the products and brands that exceed the expectations of our customers”.


The Ubique Group also unveiled a new logo featuring a clean, modern approach to signify evolution, forward thinking and optimism.